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We are the premiere source for holiday subscription boxes making gift-giving easy for all the occasions that matter.

Is Mom tired of watching her flowers die the day after Mother’s Day? Check out our Mom’s Day one-time subscription boxes.

Don’t forget Dad, and how hard it is for him to be happy at getting another tie. Our DadBoxes are the ultimate in Father’s Day cool.

Valentine’s Day and that tired bouquet of droopy roses? Switch it out for the tantalizing fun of our annual or subscription CupidBoxes.

We even make Christmas a little more special with SantaBoxes that start the festivities right on Christmas Eve. We’ve got 4th of July Boxes, and Easter boxes are on their way — not to mention a celebration of the day everyone loves: The end of the school year.

We curate our holiday surprise boxes carefully, choosing unique, fun, fascinating items that are guaranteed to delight. We hand-pick each item, personally testing them all. And each year brings a new set of items for each box, so your family and friends can look forward to something wonderful each year with one-time or subscription.

Make epic memories that you’ll always treasure with our holiday subscription boxes. Our exclusive subscription gifts to make your gift-giving this year easy, confident, and fun.


Every year you send Mom flowers for Mother’s Day, and then she spends a week watching them die. And sure, Mom loves chocolates. But you can do better. We can help.

That’s where the one-time or subscription Mom’s Day Box comes in. We love our Moms like you do, so we pour our hearts into finding just the right items for each year’s Mom’s Day Box. Items that Mom will love. Items that pamper her and treat her like the special person she is.

For 2017, we chose a spa theme. Our 2017 one-time or subscription Mom’s Day Box includes your choice of a robe or kimono, bath bombs, a charcoal face peel, a personalized and framed Mother of the Year award, and that all-important Do Not Disturb sign (Mom can decide where to use it!). Also in the box: luscious Godiva chocolates (yum) and a Vino-2-Go cup — All you need to add is the bottle of wine to go with it to let Mom spend her best Mother’s Day ever in decadent style.


Your kids can’t wait for Christmas to come. The excitement and anticipation are building, and they want to open a present right NOW! But you want to hold the goodies till Christmas morning. What do you do?

A Santa Box. That’s what you do. Our SantaBoxes from Santaboxes.com contain everything a child could want to make The Night Before Christmas magical and meaningful. Each year, we pack our SantaBoxes full of goodies and fun to delight any child.

In 2016, our SantaBoxes contained a cookie plate and cup set, with the cookies to go along with it. Hot chocolate, popcorn, and chocolates to add to the sense that it’s a special night, and reindeer food to leave out for Santa’s Reindeer. Also arts and crafts to keep the kids busy, plus crayons, an activity book centering around The Night Before Christmas story, and a special Christmas ornament to hang on the tree together. Kids also got a personalized “Nice List” certificate from Santa himself (to reassure them about Christmas morning) and a pair of delightful Christmas pajamas to encourage to go to bed already!

When you give your kids a SantaBox, you start a new family tradition that will be much loved by all. Your kids get to experience the fun of Christmas on the night before. You get a little extra time to yourselves to do whatever it is parents do on Christmas Eve, whether assembling that new bicycle or… whatever.

When we created SantaBoxes, we wanted to bring back the magic of Christmas. Hundreds of happy families tell us we’ve done just that. Experience the magic for yourself with an annual subscription or one-time SantaBox.


Flowers and chocolate? That’s the way you celebrate Valentine’s Day when you don’t have any imagination. Now there’s a way to keep your Valentine’s gifts just as easy as flowers and chocolate, but a whole lot more fun. It’s time to try the one-time or subscription CupidBoxes.

Set your love life on fire with our CupidBoxes, which are ideal to purchase for your spouse or significant other, or to give to another couple or even use yourself.

In 2017, our CupidBox included fuzzy love handcuffs, a personal massager and massage oils, chocolates (the eternal aphrodisiac), intimate games to play in the dark… You get the idea. (And you get far more than just an idea when you give an annual or subscription CupidBox!)

It’s no surprise that the response to our CupidBoxes has been phenomenal. Some customers say we saved their marriage. Wow. How could one little gift mean so much? You’d better try it out so you can answer that question yourself.


Mom gets a day, so doesn’t Dad deserve one, too? And doesn’t he deserve a better gift than another boring tie? Ditch the tie and give Dad something he’ll really love: a DadBox.

Our 2017 DadBoxes are astonishingly great. The CleanCut annual or subscription DadBox provides all the high-end grooming essentials Dad needs to look and feel his best, plus a whiskey cup and whiskey stones (that comes under “feeling his best”). Or go for the Tech DadBox, which unleashes Dad’s inner geek with VR goggles, a waterproof Bluetooth-enabled speaker and all sorts of high-tech goodies.

If you can’t decide (or if your Dad is extra special), the 2017 Boxers’ Box includes the best of the two regular DadBoxes, plus — wait for it — a drone. (Because what dad doesn’t want a drone?!) Yes, a selfie drone, plus a pair of amazing sunglasses outfitted with Bluetooth-enabled headphones and a mic so Dad can talk, listen, and look cool all at the same time.

Seriously, how can you compare that to another tie?

Fourth of July! Easter! End of the School Year!

We love to celebrate. We know you do, too, so we keep adding to our festive product lines. Keep your eyes on this space to see our upcoming offerings.

Next up: the July4thBox for 2017. This outstanding box is still being curated, and we’re so excited about it — but we’re sworn to secrecy for just a little while longer. Specifically until June 10, when we make the big reveal.

Want to get the big announcement of the July4thBox contents? Just scroll down and sign on to our mailing list, and you’ll be the first to know. When you sign up, you get more than an announcement: You also get presale information as well as valuable coupons that the public never even gets to see.

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